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Bayern announces Neuer's absence from the Asian camp... He will not face City and Liverpool


 FC Bayern Munich has announced the absence of 

goalkeeper Manuel Neuer from the Asian tour in which the team will take part in  preparation for the new "2023-2024" season.   Bayern will hold a camp in Asia from July 24th to August 3rd which will include several friendlies including Manchester City and Liverpool.  Neuer continues to train alone due to his lack of form following his injury  last December.   Bayern  coach Thomas Tuchel said: "Black will continue to train individually, alternating between physical training and goalkeeper training." He added: "Manuela will not be with us in Asia, but after our trip she will be partially involved in group training." He continued: "We look forward to Neuer's return as we approach the Bundesliga and Supercup, we look forward to it and hope to see him partially integrated into the squad in August."

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